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Energy Balances and Energy Transition: The Problems

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What is the problem with Indonesia’s energy?

  1. Energy Balances, is unhealthy, in 2004 Net Oil Importer, in 2019 predicted will be Net Gas Importer
  2. Energy Transition, is toward high carbon economy


The sankey diagram created from

‘Layer 1
Oil Production [100] Oil Energy
Oil Import [40] Oil Energy
Oil Energy [30]Oil Export
Oil Energy [110] Domestic Consumption

Gas Production [100] Gas Energy
Gas Import [10] Gas Energy
Gas Energy [50] Gas Export
Gas Energy [60] Domestic Consumption

Coal Production [100] CoalEnergy
CoalEnergy [30] Domestic Consumption
CoalEnergy [70]Coal Export

Biofuel Production [100] BioEnergy
BioEnergy [40] Domestic Consumption
BioEnergy [60]Biofuel Export

Domestic Consumption [100] Domestic Coal
Domestic Consumption [100] Domestic Oil
Domestic Consumption [40] Domestic Gas

‘Layer 2
Oil [60] Export
Gas [60] Export
Coal [60] Export
Renewable [60] Export
Oil [30] Domestic
Gas [40] Domestic
Coal [40] Domestic
Renewable [40] Domestic
Energy Import [100] Domestic


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 24, 2016 pada 11:01 am

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