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The complicated case of energy in Indonesia

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Coba, urusan menanam tebu atau singkong kan bukan domain kami, itu wilayah (Kementrian) Pertanian. Urusan koperasinya juga ada di tempat lain, begitu juga skala industrinya di (Kementrian) Perindustrian, dan seterusnya,” Kardaya Warnika
[BBC 2012][1]

Capital is simply the most important aspects in the world. Business established to make money. Economy designed to create money. However in this modern world, we should consider the basic foundation of the world: people. The relations between capital and people can be analyze from several perspective. Marx can see it as conflict between human, while Durkheim can see it as function between people.

From energy perspectives. It is simple: we need to use the clean energy. Because fossil fuel is depleted and bad for environment. So what is the solutions? trillion of them and its complicated. To understand this complexity we need to see the basic interactions: economy. What people did for their life.


  • Farmer 26 mill, Fisherman 2.2 mill (BPS 2013)
  • Poor People 28 mill, 11% total population

Complicated case of Economy: Capital & Labour:
Industry is the biggest contributor for GDP estimated for 23.37% but labour absorption is only 13.88%

US Dept Agri: Ref, Ref, Ref


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 25, 2016 pada 11:38 am

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