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Social scientist basically is a modeler. They model the human interactions, the society. To find causation, they can use correlation using primary data such quantitative (survey/questionnaire) or qualitative (interpretation) or secondary data (statistical data)

I am using 910 papers from Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, sorted by most cited paper, and select some papers:

  1. Have a question: How is local autonomy interactions works
  2. Have an assumptions e.g local autonomy is bad
  3. Verified assumptions with interview, survey and case study

Sample of selected papers:

  • The political economy of local governance: Findings from an Indonesian field study (von Luebke, 2009)
  • Rice prices and poverty in Indonesia (McCulloch, 2008)
  • Transformation of the Indonesian Agrifood System and the Future beyond Rice: A Special Issue (Reardon et al, 2015)
  • Growth, Poverty, and Inequality under Jokowi (Yusuf & Summer, 2015)
  • Authoritarian States, Capital-Owning Classes, and the Politics of Newly Industrializing Countries: The Case of Indonesia (Robinson, 1988)

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 2, 2016 pada 4:47 pm

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