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There are a lot of theory that can explain why industrilization happen:
1. Supply and Demand, if supply increase (shift) due to technology then demand will be increased
2. Classical Growth Theory, factors of production (labor or capital) will increase output. But diminishing return
3. Solow-Swan Model 1950s, But diminishing return of capital and labours
4. Endogenous Theory 1980s, Education & technological changes is the drivers (not external force)
5. Big Push 1940s, Need a jump
6. Schumpeterian, Need Innovation
7. Institutions and Growth, Need Good Institutions
8. Human Capital
9. Energy Consumption (well, my research is here)

Other factors:
1. Political institutions, property right, rule of law
2. Growth phases and sector shares
3. Capital, new product & services

Industrialization stage: machines and labor (1760-1840), technical (1840-1920), technological (1920-)

Amerika mencapai tahap ketiga dalam rentang waktu 200 tahun, dan Korea mencapainya dalam kurun waktu 30 tahun

Ref, Ref


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 10, 2016 pada 9:53 am

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