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Multi Level Perspective (MLP) in Indonesia

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I found this paper, very good one.
A Struggle of Multi-level Governance: Promoting Renewable Energy in Indonesia (Marquardt, 2014)

Background: Renewable energy transition is a complex, multi-dimensional policy goal that involves national and subnational actors within a multi-level governance system – especially in heavily decentralized countries like Indonesia.

Theory: Transition Management, MLP (Multi-level perspective)
Electricity from MLP perspective
– Market Structure (IPP, SOE)
– Electricity System (generation, transmission, distribution)
– Policy Making (central government, regional government)

Question: How does the multi-level governance framework in a decentralized country
like Indonesia affect efforts for a transition towards renewable energy

Method: Semi Structured Interview

RE Overview

  • What are the key barriers for RE?
  • Which actor (group) is a driving force?
  • Which actor (group) is an obstacle

RE Support

  • How is the electricity market structured?
  • How does RE support fit into the structure?
  • How are decision-makers involved?

RE Transition

  • What are the challenges for a regime shift towards renewable energy?
  • What is the role of niche experiments?

Conclusion: Weak local capacity, a lack of awareness for national intentions on subnational levels and vice versa as well as missing consultation during policy formulation are major obstacles for renewables support in Indonesia


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Mei 10, 2016 pada 12:10 pm

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