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Poverty vs Energy vs Corruption

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Poverty is the worst form of violence, Mahatma Gandhi

I understand now, why poverty alleviation is number #1 subject for any government, any donor, any political agenda. Poverty is very important topics. The cure of poverty can be as simple as women empowerment, governance (anti corruption) to energy access.

In my opinion, poverty (money) is always #1 problem, health is the #2, education is #3. To solve a problem, I think we should start with #1 problem first. To become more productive people.


  • Energy poverty will have less to do with ambitious expansion of electricity capacity, and more to do with ambitious distribution of energy services to poor people 6
  • In the poorest countries, one out of every two people has to pay a bribe to access basic services like education, healthcare and water 4
  • Energy poverty means two things: Poor people are the least likely to have access to power. And they are more likely to remain poor if they stay unconnected. 5
  • Private sector is an indispensable force for economic growth 1
  • Governance is the way out of poverty and corruption 2
  • Corruption wasn’t an economic but a political issue. It was better left to governments, not to development experts 3


  1. Poverty (1), Hunger (2), Growth (8), Industry (9),
  2. Health (3)
  3. Education (4)
  4. Gender (5), Equality (10), Strong Institution (16)
  5. Water (6), Energy (7), Sustainable Cities (11), Responsible Consumption (12), Climate (13), Ocean (14), Life on Land (15),

ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4,


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 18, 2016 pada 6:03 pm

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