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Circles of Sustainability

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I am thinking from Indonesia perspective, which one is the biggest priority today. Is it corruption? having a quick view on Kompas and Jakartapost. The answer is yes, today is news about Pertamina Foundation corruption -so yup, there is a news on corruption everyday.

Second issues? yup is still there. Education quality, energy issues is there. So what is it all about? In my opinion there is only one things that matter: money. And in regard of money, there is only two things that matter: how to get money and how to distribute money. The first thing is economy and the second thing is social.

I try to use, Circles of Sustainability as framework to understand the relationship of life, and it all the same:

  1. Economy: Poverty, Production (Agriculture), Technology & Infrastructure
  2. Culture (Social): Education, Health, Gender
  3. Politics (Social): Governance, Law & Justive
  4. Ecology: Energy, Emission

When I see from natural science perspective its all goes the same:

  • Hunting in animal: Predator
  • Agriculture in animal: Leaves Ant
  • Technology in animal: Ecosystem Engineer – Beaver

Behavior Study (Social Evolution / Evolutionary Biolog)

  • Trading in animal: Symbiosis – Mutually Beneficial
  • Social Structure in animal: Bee
  • Altruism in animal: Kin Selection – Altruistic
  • Selfish
  • Spiteful

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 19, 2016 pada 5:02 pm

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