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The most important thing

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I start my day with a simple question, so what is the most important thing? I start to realized that keep asking this kind of question on priority is important and helpful for me. First for myself, the most important thing is the easiest thing that I can do, the most important thing is the one that has a high value and I am easy to performed it, it measureable.

In this case the most important thing is running. But running is only one hours, easy goal. But what is the second important thing? it is about writing, because writing just as like running is measurable, is progressive (the more you write the better you are), but the only problem with writing it is need inspiration. So we need to structure, which type of or which method that is most effective in writing. In the pewresearch, the priority is summed up in one word: hard work, no magic formula. The more you work, the better you are.

I got another perspective from here that priority is (which is impediment)
1. Limited resources (farmland is divided into small parcels, which can not get advantages of modern agriculture).
2. Inefficiency
3. Human capital
4. Agriculture society
5. Population growth
6. Cultural barriers
7. Domestic saving
8. Infrastructure

So, if I re-phrase the questions on why poor countries is poor? it is because they are poor (vicious cycle poverty). Indonesia is poor because the people only has small landownership.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 1, 2016 pada 9:24 am

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