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What energy researcher says

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Some researcher investigate on economic evaluation of some electricity design

Some researcher investigate possibility of battery schedules for supporting LV (Low Voltage) distribution network operation where the financial benefit is also estimated

Some researcher investigate energy storage potential. Energy storage is not only for mobility but also for handling excessive energy.
Centralized energy storage: pumped hydro power, high pressure air cavern, power to gas
Decentralized energy storage: home/industry battery (Li-ion)

Some researcher investigate models and systems of RE in construction

Some researcher investigate the scenario of energy system (thermal and electricity) using integrated method which tested by neighborhood building samples. The measurement is on load distribution and load duration.

Some researcher investigate the renewable energy (PV) potential in some city, using spatial analysis (roof orientation). The challenge is to develop model in spatial analysis (Perez Diffuse Radiation, Global and Diffuse Radiation)

Some researcher focus on renewable energy and energy planning. They investigate solar thermal district heating systems assitance by PV powered heat pump.

Some researcher investigate scenario of energy system using LEAP to understand the environmental impact. The challenge are:

  • What is current state situation (method: historical analysis, literature review; conclusion: In transition)
  • What is the scenario that most likely happen (low carbon or high carbon), what factors that affecting the scenario that might happened, this used (method) interview and socio economic analysis. The theoritical framework that I investigate is on energy transition. Conclusion: political factors would be main drivers, which would be high carbon
  • What is the impact of the selected scenario. The theoritical framework I investigate is energy planning and scenario modelling

TIL Electricity, Mobility and Heating are important issues in subtropical country. Thermal Energy Storage is important.

TIL The Renewables Directive, officially titled as 2009/28/EC, is EU directive which require 20% energy is RE in 2020.

TIL storage financial calculation

  • battery storage 130-600 EUR/KWH (IRENA)
  • battercy cycle 5,000 times

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