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Policy Analysis without Political

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Good Morning Researcher,

PS: there is a paper on “Policy without Policy? policy analysis and the institutional void”

It is been almost 22 month since I decided to study about energy. I got my master in engineering management which mainly on the practical aspects of renewable energy such as how to built renewable energy power plant. I start my research which mainly on national level of renewable energy.
Both of Msc and research should be the same on the knowledge level, but on the practical level is very different. The MSc results is can be used for company but the research result only can be used for national level.

But giving a recommendation on national level is different thing. I should learn about this. For example checking the latest news on Indonesia Energy ref, ref, ref. I feel there is something wrong with this. People keep saying the same recommendation like ten years ago to move to renewable, to utilise gas, to

My question: why on the things that is clearly benefited for humanity e.g exercise people not debating (change exercise to “put trash in the bin”). But why on things that clearly has no benefit e.g should I put milk or tea first people might fight to death ref.

As scientist I could not give you the advise on which approach is the best. I always tempted to be politician instead of scientist. Scientist that doing analysis on national level should be very careful with their word (read what people might interpreted your opinion, people might think it is scientifically proven, which might be wrong).


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juli 12, 2016 pada 9:06 am

Ditulis dalam Science

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