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Energy Research in Indonesia Update

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I begin today’s reading with paper “An assessment of Indonesia’s energy security index and comparison with seventy countries” from Erahman et al 2016, published in Energy – Elsevier (IF 4.292)

Things that comes in my mind:

  1. How amazing the scientific industry works. A paper received in Jan 2016, in 5 month revised, available online in 6 month, and published in 9 month. Do you think how long they do the research?

  2. A team of 4 person, from the most reputable university in Indonesia. From Chemical dept. and from Industrial dept. Do you think how difficult it is do the research?

  3. There are 24 similar studies in the past on energy security.

  4. Energy security in this paper defined as: availability (5), affordability (2), accessibility (3), acceptability (2), efficienty (2), total 14 indicator from five group.

  5. The conclusion: “Indonesia’s energy security is less satisfactory and it should be improved” aka rank 55 out of 70. In the highlight it is mention “Indonesia’s ESI tends to increase” based on 2008-2013 data.

Reality Check

  1. Public opinion on energy security is different, it is decreased. Kompas, Mar 2015. Ketahanan Energi Indonesia Merosot

  2. If it is matter of driving public opinion, the current energy security topics is on dana ketahanan energi (Energy Security Fund)

  3. If people keep asking the missing link between academia and industry. It is here.

But it is not only the missing link that confusing. To perform analysis in complicated issues is not the only thing that confusing. Let see another paper on “Relationships among carbon emissions, economic growth, energy consumption and population growth: Testing Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis for Brazil, China, India and Indonesia” (Alam et al, 2016).

“Policy makers are therefore to exercise caution in their efforts to promote economic growth and at the same time reduce environmental degradation keeping in mind the sustainability of both the economy and the environment.”

Things that comes in my mind:

  1. As policy scientist (or economist) I should believe on those analysis e.g Coal is bad for environment, but as person its complicated. Just like alam said “But in real sense, however, it is not easy to formulate economic and environmental policies simultaneously promoting economic growth and addressing environmental problem or protecting environment from pollution effectively”

  2. Maybe Indonesia is not in the stage to be developed country. Maybe it is just never.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juli 15, 2016 pada 11:00 am

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