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Simple logic that always fail by me

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  1. Indonesia needs more entrepreneur“, wait is this statement is meaningless? Is it only motivation statement? It is like saying “You need to work harder” or another version of “Indonesia needs more scientist

  2. “Hydropower is the best renewable energy in Indonesia” (Tasri and Susilawati, 2014), wait is this statement is meaningless? but is coming from scientific analysis. It is also the same with statement that “FDI affecting carbon emission”, which if provide policy recommendations would be ended up in statement like this “Finally, the most important implication of our findings is that uniform carbon emissions control policies are unlikely to succeed equally across countries with different carbon emissions levels”

  3. “Capacity building is key factor of institution to assure the sustainability of MHPP” (Purwanto & Afifah, 2016), well


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juli 15, 2016 pada 11:42 am

Ditulis dalam Science

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