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Energy Policy Reality

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Ah Energy Policy, the keyword that I hated it so much. In 1970s they said that Indonesia -a lower middle income net oil exporting country- that the oil crisis mark the end of cheap and abundant oil. Therefore in 1970 the transition to renewable energy is prepared, the increased energy access for poor people also developed. But in 2010, when Oil is cheap, the renewable energy and poor people is still a problem, even it getting more complicated.

We the “scientist” develop policy (read policy analysis), we develop program (read program evaluation) which developed using carefully scientific measurement. But in reality scientist never talk with the “government” which formally developed and executed the plan, in reality even government is run by politician, where politician made policy based on their own interest -not even based on scientific perspective.

Well, unfortunatelly, the only way to implement the policy studies knowledge is to be politician.



Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Agustus 2, 2016 pada 10:38 am

Ditulis dalam Science

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