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I made a list of top 10 downloaded journal in my Zotero the list as below:

No Journal Count IF SJR h-index Conference
1 Energy Policy 89 2.43 123
2 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 39 3.12 140 2-5 April 2017,
3 Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 35 0.39 24
4 Energy 20 2.35 111
5 Atmospheric Environment 18 1.99 174
6 Applied Energy 13 2.99 99
7 Energy Economics 11 3.02 85
8 Energy Procedia 11 0.37 41
9 Renewable Energy 11 1.96 113
10 Science 8 13.21 915

The most downloaded journal is not surprisingly is Energy Policy, which is most suitable with my topic. Another interesting is Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, which provide plenty resources on Indonesia topics. Another interesting journal is Atmospheric Environment, which is a mix between chemistry and biology, and lastly is Science, a highly reputable journal.

The aim is to be accepted in those journal listed. But some journal, for example Science, only can be accepted if its part of reputable institution -which a result of very long and expensive work.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Agustus 2, 2016 pada 10:14 am

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