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Energy Transition

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Energy transition is the process of changing the energy composition from coal to oil, or from one energy to another energy form.

Human Perspective
Energy transition can be seen from human perspective, which are affected by knowledge, motivation and contextual ref aka factors that affecting energy transition from human perspective.

It means that if people know about the importance of clean energy, people will become motivate to change. However even with knowledge and motivation, change can be difficult depend on the context (indo: tergantung sikon), for example cycling might not effective if its far.

Institutional Perspective
From institutional perspective, energy transition can be seen from technological and political perspective. Technological such as available of innovation (enablers) and public negativity (obstacle).

Basically in any situation, we always can see (assume) the factor that affecting (enabler) and the obstacles. But as scientist, we need to test that assumption


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 7, 2016 pada 9:59 am

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