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Story about Indonesia

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  1. Indonesia is in transition (we got independence in 1945, start as democratic country in 2004)

  2. In term of energy, also in transition, because we have natural resource such as in the past transition, and in the recent transition also happened.
    Sample recent transition is

– LPG Transition, is not technological/innovation, in 2006
– Geothermal Transition, begin rapidly in 1995

  1. Why transition happened is because of Socio/Political-Economic-Environmental-Technological-Other(Geographical)

  2. The explanation of this driver can be using theories as follows:

    • Socio-Political: MLP Theory
    • Technological: Innovation Theory
    • Environmental: Socioecological Theory
    • Other Geographical: Energy Geography Theory “Energy is integral to socio-spatial relations”

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 30, 2017 pada 11:29 am

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