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Economist vs Analyst Perspectives

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1.What do you see? (positive things)

  • Analyst (bottom up): Indonesia is a country with abundant natural resources (reserve geothermal #1, production coal #4, gas #5)
  • Economist (top down): Indonesia is a country with high economy growth (Indo 6%, UK 2.3% World 2.4%)

2.What is the problem? (negative things), the however parts

  • Analyst (BU): Indonesia has a problem in fossil fuel dependency (environmental problem). Why? because fossil fuel leads to environmental problem.
  • Economist (TD): Poverty (inequality), Indonesia has low energy utilization percapita, low energy access. Poverty > main economy problem. Indonesia has a problem in industrial growth as compare with agriculture and services growth.

3.What is the solutions?

  • Analyst (BU): Shift to clean
  • Economist (TD): Grow (tumbuh menanam, kalau ada kebutuhan yang harus dipenuhi dengan menanam, bekerja)

4.How to shift?

  • Analyst (BU): Insentive to Energy Player (in policy)
  • Economist (TD): Insentive from MEMR (in policy)

At the end solution is almost the same. but problem description might be different.

Word to be noted:
Analyst: Energy utilization (top down keyword used by analyst)
Economist: Energy utilization per capita (bottom up keyword used by economist)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 27, 2017 pada 1:23 pm

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