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My notes on energy development literature review

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I have been collecting 500+ paper, most of paper that I needed fall into knowledge improvement section instead research section. For example it takes time to understood that the three main causes of the oil & gas exploration lagging attributed to Resource Nationalism, Anticorruption and Decentralization (Boyd et al 2010), which in the same paper an understanding that the only way to increase oil lifting is to climate investment and FDI.

Looking at this situation, I need to do something to simplify.

I need to develop a simple way to categorize the paper in my literature review, otherwise it will become more and more complicated.

Type 1: Fact
General: (Hasan et al, 2012), (Mujiyanto and Tiess, 2013)
Specific: (Jayed et al, 2009) Biofuel

Type 2: Fact+
General + Modelling:
(Purwanto et al, 2016)
Works: simulate in gas
Results: reduction of 64 MT CO2
Opinion: model that Indonesia will be Gas importer in recent period

(Rachmatullah et al 2007)
Works: simulate the CO2 mitigation in electricity generation
Results: reduction 230 MT CO2
Opinion: Electricity company need to have integrated planing (scenario analysis)

After I categorize the paper, the next steps is to decide the style of writing that I want to use.
– The key themes should be consistently used e.g unsustainable
– The structure should follow the themes e.g supply, demand, market are unsustainable
– other perspectives is something that see it from different side e.g technology


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 28, 2017 pada 1:42 pm

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