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How not to tell about Indonesia

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How not to tell about Indonesia

  • Telling about economic growth, it is misleading (other use energy growth)
  • Telling about sectoral composition, it is misleading (other use fuel mix)
  • Telling about unemployment (other use emission) and its relations with growth, it is misleading
  • Telling even more complex relation about education (other use energy conservation) and its relations with growth, it is misleading

So what is the best (scientific) way to describe Indonesia?

  • Is not about telling which policy (policy for scientist is end product). Saying education is important is misleading, instead better says “increase of education budget might bring greater MONETARY return than increase of entertainment budget”
  • However, before saying above statement, it is very important to declare that MONETARY is important issues. In my case, when I say Energy (Economic) policy is important I must say beforehand that Environment (Unemployment) impact is important.

Well specifically, in my case, I would say “clean energy transition is required to ensure sustainable energy development” or in the title of my investigation, I would say “sustainable energy development in Indonesia”


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 2, 2017 pada 1:32 pm

Ditulis dalam Science

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