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TIL Geothermal efficiency is very low

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The perks of being researcher is knowing some interesting facts. And today, I learned that for power plant Geothermal efficiency is very low, only around 12% (PLTP Drajat, is highest in the world by 21%). In geothermal power plant world, the energy measurement is based on enthalpy (thermodynamics system). However, the energy conversion is stil based on rotating generator, which similar with thermal power plant

However in the use of geothermal for heating, the energy efficiency (Coefficient of performance) is higher than oil/gas, because the geothermal is directly used for heating, compare to oil/gas that need to be converted to heat. Fossil fuel power plant efficiency is around 30-40%.

For comparison, energy efficiency in hydro power is very high, which can be 80-95%. Noted that 100% efficiency is impossible, where it means that the water would be stopped. Wind turbine theoretically can reach up to 59.3% of efficiency.


Ref: Piezoelectricity, Ferroelectricity, Electromagnetics, Generator


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 28, 2017 pada 11:32 am

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