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Indonesia: Critical vs Descriptive

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1.Identifies the significance vs States what happened
– Biomass is one of biggest energy source in Indonesia, which is unique compare the rest of the world.
– Fossil fuel is widely used in Indonesia (not something new)
– Indonesia dependent on fossil fuel (descriptive)

2.Evaluates (judges the value) strengths and weaknesses vs States what something is like
– Indonesia has more problem with poverty compare to malnutrition, which unique.
– Indonesia is typical of developing country where poverty and malnutrion is common

3.Weighs one piece of information against another vs Gives the story so far
– This is because of resources curse
– This is happened for a hundreds of years (narative)

4.Makes reasoned judgements vs States the order in which things happened
– New order government make this (opinion)
– It start with coal, oil and biomass (order)

5.Argues a case according to evidence vs Says how to do something
– This can be seen with new order campaign (evidence)
– New order establish national energy policy (how to)

6.Shows why something is relevant or suitable vs Explains what a theory says
– However some factor such as poverty migh suitable
– Energy curse explain this phenomen in developing country (explain)

7.Indicates why something will work (best) vs Explains how something works
– The government propaganda always works
– National energy policy is key starter

8.Indicates whether something is appropriate or suitable vs Notes the method used
– Government behind this strategy is important
– Government developing policy

9.Identifies why the timing is important vs Says when something occurred
– This only can be happen when the regime start to establish
– This policy begin in 1972

10.Weighs up the importance of component parts vs States the different components
– Strong government is important (emphasis)
– It need government, policy and military (listing)

11.Gives reasons for the selection of each options vs States options
– Option A usefull because of politics, option B
– Option that we can take is A, B, C.

12.Evaluates the relative significance of details vs Lists details
– A is more important than B and C
– Explanation of this is A, B, C

13.Structures information in order of importance vs Lists in any order
– The most important factors is politics
– Factor affecting energy is political, economy and social

14.Shows the relevance of links between pieces of information vs States links between items
– Energy might be related with environment
– Energy related with environment

15.Draws conclusions vs Gives information
– Indonesia might have resources curse if the following factors available
– Indonesia has a resources curse


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 18, 2017 pada 3:13 pm

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