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How to avoid conceptual / theoretical framework

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I start my energy research with “transition” as concept, and this is where the big problem started. Even if I replace the word “transition” to become “planning” or “policy” for example. I will face the same problem, if I stick to have a conceptual analysis. Why?

  1. If I stick to using conceptual analysis, I should reviewing the transition in other sectors e.g transportation, electricity.
  2. I should perform deeper analysis (reading reference), where to prove it using “case like analysis” (aka qualitative)
  3. Conceptual does not require a modelling (aka quantitative) to prove

So how to avoid this?
1. Transition as practical works aka move from “energy transition theory” to “energy transition scenario”
3. Not describe transition but identify the significance of scenario
4. Not theory but modelling, instead saying “transition theory” it says “transition scenario modelling”

Energy Policy Conceptual Framework
– Supply Expansion (technical barrier, geographical, econ, political, environment)
– Demand Supression
– Cost Analysis
Energy Policy Analysis A Conceptual Framework Michael S. Hamilton, University of Southern Maine

Energy Planning Conceptual Framework
– Utopian
– Equity
– Uncertainty

Energy Transition Conceptual Framework
– Sociotech, landscape, regime etc


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 19, 2017 pada 6:16 pm

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