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AHA Energy Transition Literature Review

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Critical Review aka “How can I answer a question without actually answering the question?”

1.This chapter will explore the existing literature of energy transition in order to optimise future energy supply and use given demand. Particular focus will be given to Indonesia.

Generally there are two common analytical approach to understand the energy transition. The first approach are quantitative system modelling and the second approach is social sciences approach. Both of this two approach are widely used to explore the possible future of energy transition.

“Energy modelling are powerful ways of exploring the dynamics of systems and hence play a crucial role in thinking about how those systems might develop in the future. A wide variety of models have been developed to inform the transition to a low carbon economy, and these have generated robust insights into the likely importance and roles of various
technologies, trends and policy instruments”

2.(What is energy transition) There a number of approach to energy transition has been identified by many study.

3.(Energy transition in Indonesia) Indonesia is developing country.

4.Energy transition approach (critiques)
4.1 Energy transition modelling

4.2 Energy transition scenarios

5.(Argument) Integrated approach might be helpful

“We suggest an integration strategy based on alignment, bridging, and iteration, arguing that a structured dialogue between practitioners of different approaches is needed” (Turnheim et al 2015)

“We suggest that bridging, based on sequential and interactive articulation of different approaches, may generate a more comprehensive and useful chain of assessments to support policy formation and action” (Geels et al 2016)

Combination approach is important.


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