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Air Pollutant Analysis

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Air Pollutant yang paling bermasalah adalah CO2. Di US GHG-nya 84% terdiri dari CO2, disusul Methane 9%, N2O 5% dan Flurorinated Gases 2%.

N2O: Nitrous Oxide
NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide

CO2 Carbon Dioxide, current concentration 400 ppm
CH4 Methane, concentration 1.8 ppm
N20 Nitrous Oxide, concentration 0.3 ppm
CO Carbon Monoxide, natural concentration 0.2 ppm, toxic if above 35 ppm

SO2 1 ppm

CO is more toxic than CO2, CO reacts with the hemoglobin in our blood streams

Aside from man-made sources, a great deal of carbon monoxide comes from the chemical oxidation of methane and other hydrocarbons in our atmosphere. Additional natural sources include emission from vegetation and the world’s oceans. By far the largest sink for carbon monoxide is its reaction with OH in the atmosphere, as noted previously. However, a small but significant amount is also lost from the atmosphere through deposition on the ground.

Human Impact

Today more than half of carbon monoxide emissions are man-made

The largest human source of carbon dioxide emissions is from the combustion of fossil fuels. This produces 87% of human carbon dioxide emissions


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