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Is poverty mental or physical problem?

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I start to realize when I wake up at 00:15 this morning, and cannot sleep for more than 2:30 hours, and only be able to sleep after taking placebo drugs as paracetamol, that this is not a mental problem, but a physical problem.

However, I only able to contemplate this in the late morning during my morning run. Well, if I believe that poverty is not caused by lazy attitude, but more caused by structural problem such as inability of government to create job, so it goes the same with depression. Depression is not caused by mental problem such as too many works, deadline, or losing family member. But it can be tracked to imbalance brain chemical, irregular eating/exercise/sleeping patern and voila you got depression.

Overthinking is common sympton of depression, and it is not something that caused depression. Once you are overthinking you are in depression. And overthinking is not a way to solve a problem.

Just as last night, I spend that wasteful 2:30 hours just to think how I write about Indonesia energy description, which is you know very stupid.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 4, 2017 pada 5:43 am

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