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Why I am not interested in these energy issues

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Energy Market Liberalization? not interested
Why? because we will assume that monopoly is not efficient, we will assume that there are a lot of factors that affecting market liberalization e.g crisis, trade balance, export-import. If it is not enough than the sociopolitical aspect of energy will makes it more complicated e.g new law, new political party, new government agency and agenda.

Renewable Energy? a little bit interested
Well, technically it is the same with energy market issues. However, insted using trade balance, energy prices we can use energy production consumption and its impact e.g greenhouse gas.

So it is the same issues? well Liberalization focussed on the actors, while Transition (renewable energy) can focused on the impact instead of the actors (people aspects).


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 5, 2017 pada 8:30 am

Ditulis dalam Science

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