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The problem with MLP theory

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The more I read Geels MLP concept, the more I feel that the concept is very difficult to be applied. First the assumption that Geels made on Transition is based on Steamship transition and Automobile transition, which I think is simpler than Energy Transition. For Steamship and Automobile the future is clear. Steamship will replace sail and Automobile will replace Horsecarriage. But energy, well Oil would not be replaced in at 100 years, just like Steamship/Autombile. Oil would take longer time for replacement.

If the scope is limited to electricity, it also more complicated than transportation sector. Because certain technology has advantage, compare with steam/auto that has uncompareable advantage. The second reason is renewable energy is more expensive. How come transition into something more expensive?

The other problem is on the Indonesia application. Which currently is on the different stage of developed country. How come a concept that still challenge in developed country would be implemented in developing country.

Well, at least now, I dont want to criticize the theory. I am trying my best to implement this theory.

Why I dont want to use it? the renewable in Indonesia is still to low. Analysis would be biased

What it is need to be improved? well some says that the concept is problematic (e.g Genus and Cole 2008) due to definition of transition. In Indonesia case is not always technological driven e.g coal increased. And factor that more complicated due to the nature of country economy.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 31, 2017 pada 5:26 pm

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