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As Indonesian, I was grow up with various concept of mythology, that penetrated through various medium. Television for example on promoting Tuyul, Kuntilanak, Sundelbolong, Nyi Roro Kidul. I was lived near to local cinema, although I never watch the cinema, I found that the very large poster on the movie is promoting the mythology concept in early stage of my life. Not mention far more powerful penetration from book, news paper or friends

In primary school, the mythology concept grow more complex. My parents somehow told me that if its dark, there will be Sandekala, even they never explain what is sandekala -later I found it is a giant creature. As my parent both works, they provide a more secular concept of mythology. When they explain about tuyul, they are only explain that “some people do that in village, but not in here”. Even if some concept is debunked such as “pamali”, this kind of belief is still deeply concerned.

In the “religion” lesson in the primary school. All of this mythoological concept is aligned under one umbrela: religion/islam. It is said that any magic, invulnerability can be performed using both dark/evil power and white/god power. Simple explanation.

However, that simplicity is no longer to explain the more complicated issues such as sufism, as practiced by Syekh Magelung -on of the saint that burried just one block from my grandmother house. Or Kalijaga/Gunung Jati tradition or even a Sintren art tradition. This simplicity also can not explain the phenomenon such as hypnotize, alternative medicine.

Later, I found out that John Esposito 1999 Oxford History of Islam, explain better than its counterpart Chase F Robinson 2010 Cambridge History of Islam.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 13, 2017 pada 12:05 pm

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