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Apa itu PhD

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1.By the time PhD is completed, the knowledge that acquired is already expired
Contoh, ada orang yang PhD pada tahun 1980-an mengenai Combinatorics, pada saat selesai, Combinatorics sudah tidak dipakai lagi. Contoh, ada orang yang tahun 2000-an mempelajari mengenai Ontology dengan bantuan Protege, dalam waktu 10 tahun, ternyata ada field baru e.g Bioinformatics yang membawa Ontology to different level. Research is compete against time.

2.It is almost impossible to criticize the theory
Membandingkan studi mengenai transition management artinya membandingkan body of worknya Frank Geels (MLP)-Manchester dengan Jochen Markard (TIS)-nya ETH Zurich

Research is compete against bigger opponent.
“Transition Studies”

“In technological innovation systems, actors fight about technology standards”—frameworks/technology—systems/innovation-systems.html

3.The closest one is comparison
Fostering sustainable technologies – a framework for analysing the governance of innovation systems

Towards modelling of innovation systems: an integrated TIS-MLP approach for wind turbines

Re-inventing the multi-level perspective for technological transitions: a more rigorous tool for analysis and two case studies

4.The only thing that we can do is to apply (application of theory)

Applying the multi-level perspective on socio-technical transitions to rentier states: the case of renewable energy transitions in Nigeria


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Agustus 10, 2017 pada 11:05 am

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