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Biodiesel: Historical vs Sociological Approach

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I, know no difference between the sociological or historical approach of something. It has no difference at all for me. The historical approach is about chronological (process), so it is saying about Indonesia got independence in 1945, got civil unrest in 1965, got another civil unrest in 1998. However, the sociological approach is about the relationship (structure). So when saying about Indonesia, it will say about structure of Indonesia society which are native Indonesian elite, military, bureaucrat, chinese Indonesia, european. The themes might be religion, colonialism or corruption.

Historical Approach of Biodiesel
Biodiesel is a product of palm oil plantation. The history of biodiesel is closely related with history of palm oil, and also closely related with history of renewable energy. The first commercial bioplants is in 2010s, and it grows rapidly afterthat.

Sociological Approach of Biodiesel
Commercial biodiesel begin in 2010s where it is involve private company such as SinarMas, London Sumatra and PTPN and other major plantation company. After the small development from plantation company, government of Indonesia deciding to upscale biodiesel development to be mandatory used. Biodiesel begin to have significant roles during the mandatory usage of biodiesel.

Well at the end it is very similar.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Agustus 11, 2017 pada 11:01 am

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