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Why my english bad #3: Sickness and Feeling

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This two (Feeling and Sickness), I think the most difficult part of English that Indonesian (at least me) found difficult to learn. The key is not try word-by-word translation, but through understanding English word first, and try to find its equivalent in Indonesian word.

Sakit Perut (General Term): Stomach Ache, Stomach Pain, Abdominal Pain, Tummy Ache
Medical Term: Gastritis (Stomach Inflammation),

Sakit Perut is very general Indonesian EYD term, which is polite term, but it can be anything. It can be:
– Mules, want to go to toilet
– Mulas, nervous
– Melilit, hurt (maag)
– Sakit, menstruation
– Maag

In english, the similar term that can be used:
– Heartburn, Mulas
– Indigestion,

Cure of Sakit Perut:
– Antacid: Neutralizes stomach acidity: in the form of Effervescent (Sodium Carbonate release CO2), Algeldrate. Ranitidine (b1976)

Masuk Angin: Feeling unwell, Catching cold old rarely used term


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 5, 2017 pada 10:59 am

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