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What is policy

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Policy is a plan or statement of intentions (Cunningham 2010). In political science perspectives, (Public) Policy is a principles, laws or goals established by some government body. Politics can be interpreted as is the struggle for power among competing interest groups, which can result in tyranny of powerful elite over the powerless public, or politics can be interpreted as a way to process of veto-group competition and its supervision by the government, which is functional for society. Aka state as tools (used by class for strugle) or state as neutral (during class strugle)

  • Many conflicting values and needs cannot be compared because they aren’t comparable or we don’t have perfect information. Simply, we dont know.

In Energy Development, policy is required to accelerate Technology, use Market and encourage Consumer (Randolph Masters 2008). However Policy is complex study, for example in Solar PV Policy, Japan might promote upstream industry incentive of Solar PV (Giving producer subsidy), while German might promote downstream incentive of Solar PV (Giving consumer subsidy).

As environmental scientist, which is not a social scientist. The aim of narrative is to describe government as neutral institution. Where policy making is based on rational choice / science based management / utilitarian approach / policy should not have greater total costs than benefits.

Political economy broadly focuses on how resource allocation and development outcomes are shaped by the distribution of power between different actors, and the material and ideational factors that influence the behaviour of these actors. Political economy is commonly applied to study and interpret situations of conflict, or responses to collective action problems. (Atteridge and Weitz)

Key Policy Process:

  • Policy Optimization vs Policy Evaluation
  • Policy Development vs Policy Selection
  • Energy Policy: Design – Licensing – Contract Making – Regulator – Operation

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 7, 2017 pada 1:35 pm

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