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SFIA Organization Design

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Story about competency framework

SFIA (first published 2000), SFIA 7

Cross domain themes engineering: TOGAF, PMBOK
2.cyber security: CISSP, NIST CSF transformation
4.agile & DevOps: ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000
5.big data and informatics: DMBOK

1. Strategy & Architecture (Strategy, Planning)
2. Change & Transformation (Change Implementation/Project, Change Management)
3. Development & Implementation (Development & Testing, UX, Installation & Integration)
4. Delivery & Operation (Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation): ITIL
5. Skills & Quality (Skill, People, Quality)
6. Relationship & Engagement (Stakeholder, Sales/Marketing)

*Interesting, Project Management can be interpreted as Change Implementation, while Change Management itself is post project activity.

Organization can be divided by function/process and product/object. IT usually divided by function, the classic is IT Development and IT Operation. However some company divided into IT Front-End and IT Back-End.

The biggest challenge is to put the themes into the organization e.g Governance (should be separation between development and operation), Security (should be separatation between security monitoring and operation), Data (should be separation between design and operation)

abpmp – BPM CBOK

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November 29, 2020 pada 12:04 pm

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