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Why Transcation Per Second (TPS) is Scam

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To understand the metric of Transcation Per Second (TPS), the understanding of Transcation Processing (TP) System is required. TP is differ from other types of IT Processing (business analytics, web collaboration, high performance computing).

1.Comparing between TPS claim is difficult
“Vendors of transaction processing systems quote Transcation Per Second (TPS) rates for their system. But there isn’t a standard transcation, so it is difficult to verify or compare these TPS claims. In addition, there is no accepted way to price a system supporting a desired TPS rate. This makes it is impossible to compare the price/performance of different systems”

(A measure of transcation processing power, HP 1985)

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2.Transaction processing is complex
Transaction processing differs from other types of IT processing (business analytics, web collaboration, high performance computing, and others) in a number of significant ways:
– Most often, a financial element exists, and sometimes the dollar amounts can be significant.
– A real-time element exists, and normally a user waits for a response (faster is always better).
– Transactions run in parallel and often need access to the same data.
– When a transaction runs, it must run in its entirety, and databases must be consistent at all
– Transactions must be secure.

(Transaction Processing: Past, Present, and Future, IBM 2012)

Klik untuk mengakses redp4854.pdf

Swift 15 million transaction per day = 174 TPS
VISA 150 million transcation per day = 1700 TPS

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 20, 2021 pada 6:32 am

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