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“a man is what he is in relationship to other men” Aristotle
Modern leadership theories advocate participative decision making. The basic idea is that people ought to have a say in matters that affect them. Accordingly, leadership has moved away from the ideas of power and dominance to shared governance

Reinventing Leadership: Blended Dualism Andrew Sikula Sr. 2004 ref

I have been managing nine project so far. There are several project that easier to be managed. Project03/04 is the easiest so far. I have been doing this project before, client depending on us. Although there are several improvement e.g in Project03 internal team should be consolidated and in Project04 especially on early Covid days.

The hardest project so far is the one with leadership problem. It start with the ownership of the project, who think owned the project. It is very difficult, but I rely on the legal language, as project is basically a legal agreement. So for the most difficult is Project06, which takes effort to enforced the leadership.

Another things that should not be ignored is the size. The greater the project, the more difficult they are to be managed. However, in the single word, the summary how to manage project is easy. Ensure that you have a working system, no matter how small it is.


  • Project01: Resources prioritization. Prioritize resources not based on client requirement but based on client situation.
  • Project02: Stakeholder management. Gain the client trust is very important, especially in the first period of the project.
  • Project05: Resources delegation. Resources delegated responsibility kept
  • Project06: Leadership enforced
  • Project07: Resources prioritization
  • Project09: Resources prioritization, leadership enforced

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 22, 2021 pada 6:40 am

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