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IT Jargon in Group

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APIs are part of an application that communicates with other applications. APIs can be used to enable microservices. APIs enable a digital transformation strategy by Sharing business capabilities in a partner ecosystem, Unlocking new business channels, Creating customer value.

Model–view–controller, traditionally used for desktop graphical user interfaces (GUIs), this pattern became popular for designing web applications

Facebook Group:

WEB FRAMEWORK (Web CMS Framework to Web Application Framework)
Drupal Indonesia (Jun 2008), 4.3K
WordPress Indonesia (Mar 2012), 73K – Three Tier (not MVC)
CodeIgniter Indonesia (Mar 2009, name changed Feb 2020), 100K
Laravel Indonesia (April 2020), 17K
Ruby on Rails Indonesia (Dec 2011), 5.5K

PHP Indonesia (Aug 2008), 164K
Python Indonesia (Nov 2012), 39K
Node.js Indonesia (May 2012), 27K
Javascript Programmer Indonesia (Feb 2018, name changed Nov 2020), 14K

ReactJS Indonesia (Aug 2015), 26K
Angular Indonesia (Aug 2013, name changed Mar 2017), 12K
VueJS Indoensia (Nov 2015), 19K

Odoo Indonesia (Aug 2014), 1.7K
MongoDB Indonesia (Mar 2012), 2.2K
AWS User Group Indonesia (Sep 2013), 3.2K
Taudata Analytics: Data Science, Big Data, IOT (Jan 2014, name changed Feb 2022), 19K

Hosting: Dreamhost, Hostgator

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