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Military Organization – Maneuver Warfare

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Military Organization
Regu 8-13 Serda/Kopka | Squad US 8-14 NCO
Peleton 26-55 Letnan | Platoon CO
Kompi 80-225 Kapten/Mayor (3-4 Peleton) | Company 80-250 | Roman Centurion
Batalyon 300-1300 Letkol/Kolonel
Resimen/Brigade Kolonel/Brigjen
Divisi 10,000-15,000 Mayjen
Korps 20,000-45,000 Letjen

Dunbar’s Number
2 Special
5 Close
15 Good
50 Friends
150 Meaningful

NATO and US doctrine define a squad as an organization “larger than a team, but smaller than a section.
US Army doctrine further defines a squad as a “small military unit typically containing two or more fire teams.

Squad A
Squad B

Triangular Division, Square Division, Pentomic Division

Methods of war have to be chosen between maneuver and attrition warfare. The latter focuses on achieving victory through the slow exhaustion of personnel or material; maneuver warfare advocates the use of intense and aggressive violence to suddenly overwhelm the enemy, either to seize their position, damage their morale, or carry out an attack before they can properly counter. Historically, maneuver warfare was stressed by small militaries, the more cohesive, better trained, or more technologically advanced than attrition warfare counterparts.

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