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Change Management vs Project Management

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According to PMBOK, Change Management (CM) is a transition method from current state to future state. While Project Management (PM) is an application of knowledge and activity (method) to meet project requirement. What is the difference is not very clear.

CM tend to see transition process from current to future state, PM tend to see the tracking process of day to day activities. PM tend to be executor while CM tend to be planner. As PM, I tend to see that CM is part of PM. CM is only a very small part of ISTCQHCRPS, only 20% which are Human Resources and Communication.

However, I found that the easiest explanation is CM is about people (communication and training) while PM surprisingly more about technology. Technology planner, involving Apps, Infra and to some degree covers Data, Security. People planner to some degree will have career plan and organization plan. Interesting ref

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 17, 2022 pada 7:57 am

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