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The truth about (banking) corporate title – a human capital/workforce fundamental problem

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Corporate title tend to be mislead. I have read some applicant CV, and 9 out of 10 candidate mention the exactly same skills. Anybody that 1) have been working in the banks 2) have an interest to moving regardless the reason, will tend to have the same CV. What happen with the rest 1? of course did not accepted.

I think this show the real problem within professionals (employee) in the job market (or in employment in general)

1.Retirement age is 45
I strongly believe with this concept, as my friend told me that after 45, you are considered unproductive, as there are many professional that 20 year younger than you that can replace you with 20x cheaper salary. It is not worthed to keep you.

2.Knowledge is worthless
Skill is easy to learn. Everybody is Digital, every body is Agile. Consulting firm is the enemy of the job market. Consulting from shifting from knowledge provider to resources provider. Resources is more valuable than knowledge. Knowledge is worthless.

3.Competition is getting more fierce, more brutal

Faith is a gift
Some soldier have faith in their gun, but they don’t have a faith in victory
Some consultant have faith in their spreadsheet, but they don’t have a faith in profit
Some teacher have faith in their book, but they don’t have a faith in progress
Some people have faith in small things, but they fail to see the big pictures
Some people have faith in GPS but they don’t have a faith in car, in surrounding, in the road

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 17, 2022 pada 12:00 pm

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