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Truth about banking

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1.Banking strategies are speculative until they survive a downturn.
2.Analysts and commentators in every generation proclaim the death of traditional banking, but banks and their branches are still here. ref

1.Banks create new money when they lend, which can trigger and amplify financial cycles. (banks fund new loans by creating new deposit money – Schumpeter, 1954)
2.Saving does not finance investment, financing and money creation do. ref

In short banking is speculative business, (Everything-is-theoretically-impossible-until-it-is-done vibe), where you formalize the speculation through risk management. Risk management is pseudoscience and management is basically exploitation -sarcasm mode on.

In personal level, bankers is as honest as other profession
Bad bankers no more? Truth-telling and (dis)honesty in the finance industry ref
Naked Banking: The Truth About Banks and You

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 17, 2022 pada 11:35 am

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