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Seorang pengelola (manager) yang bekerja dalam bidang pengelolaan (management) memiliki dua fungsi yaitu planning (strategy development) dan execution (delivery, operation). Dalam bahasa yang lebih ilmiah fungsi ini dibagi tiga yaitu planning-doing-checking (PDCA) atau hypothesis-experiment-evaluation. Hal yang paling mendasar dari pengelolaan adalah repetition/iteration

Notes: A fundamental principle of the scientific method and PDCA is iteration. PDCA (and other forms of scientific problem solving) is also known as a system for developing critical thinking. Companies that engaged problem-solving workforce using PDCA in a culture of critical thinking is better able to innovate and stay ahead of the competition through rigorous problem solving and the subsequent innovations.

Notes on Anthro vision at Amazon:
The HNL paradigm is infinitely more powerful than the STEM paradigm. STEM focuses on human inventions. HNL focuses on the human condition itself–“first principles” in Musk-speak. It’s amazing how many billionaires and presidents majored in the HNL disciplines–Philosophy, English, History, Psychology. They learned about human nature and how to deal with it. They learned how to think and communicate. Very few majored in STEM.

Wiki: Sociology of Enterprise, OODA loop (cycle observe–orient–decide–act)

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 21, 2022 pada 3:32 pm

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