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Power preserving corruption

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Extractive and Power-Preserving Political Corruption. Inge Amundsen (2019)

The distinctions between:

  • Political and bureaucratic corruption (cari duit)
  • Extractive and power-preserving corruption (cari kekuasaan)

Political and bureaucratic corruption:
which is when political power-holders are enriching themselves by abusing their hold on power to extract from public and private resources. Extractive political corruption is bribery, embezzlement, and fraud for the benefit of individual power-holders and for the regime as such. Bribe taking in public procurement processes is often the biggest source.

Extractive political corruption:
which is when political power-holders are using the corruptly acquired means (and other state resources and privately held means), in illicit or immoral ways, to maintain and/or strengthen their hold on power.

The purpose of Power-preserving political corruption:
1.Build political support
3.Impunity (exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action)

1.Favouritism (of which nepotism and clientelism is well known)
2.Co-optations (the act or process of being bribed or manipulated into changing sides)
3.Fraudulent manipulation of institutions (buying of votes in elections and parliaments is often a part of the picture)

Power is the near neighbour of necessity, Pythagoras

Pythagoras recognized two motives of human action, the first, issuing from a constrained nature called Necessity; the second emanating from a free nature, called Power, and both dependent upon an implied primordial law.

“Power” is the central organizing concept for politics. However, despite decades of debate across political science, sociology, and philosophy, scholars have not yet settled on a proper definition of power.
On the Concept of Power: Possibility, Necessity, Politics Guido Parietti


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 10, 2022 pada 2:48 pm

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