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Time Management

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I am going to be retired in the next 15 years. A very short time, considering what I can achieved within 10 years of work. The first 10 years would be divided within 3 phase 2004-2008 Azkia born; 2008-2011 Arazka born; 2011-2014 Stabilization. Right now the focus is on stabilization. However, based on lesson in Cirebon I found several interesting things.

i)On time management, allocation should be made no matter what. I leave on Friday afternoon, best decision ever. I plan to stay in hotel, very well preparation, but its not executed. The Saturday is trip as usual, it is buying time, it is situational decision, some successful (BT), some quite successful (J&J plane). Everything so smooth. Everybody happy. Once a year event but this must be scheduled.

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 20, 2022 pada 6:50 am

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