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The limit is there. I have reach 280m/month, also have reach 390m/month. But thats all the limit, in 2022 (as I believe in “Anything that has survived long in competition should be reckoned as fit”) I think the average monthly that optimum is about 120m/month, or in average about 5×6 run per week. January 2022 is a good example, as there are some conditions: i) Weather (rainy season); ii) Out of town, business trip with the client; iii) Family matter, children holiday.

Dec 134 miles
Nov 97 miles, Jogja Japan
Oct 126 miles
Sep 139 miles
Aug 106 miles, Bali Bandung
Jul 113 miles, Go back to school
Jun 136 miles
May 133 miles
Apr 47 miles, Fasting
Mar 142 miles
Feb 138 miles
Jan 125 miles

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 11, 2023 pada 4:56 am

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