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Manager: Resources, Account, Project and why Health is Mystery not Myth

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Interesting. Understanding key concept is important e.g Shortage (market phenomenon) vs Scarcity (natural resources). Economics (science, approach) vs Economy (activities)

What Is a Resource Manager? (With Responsibilities)
What does an Account Manager do?
Project Manager vs. Resource Manager: What’s the Difference?

Peter’s Thiel From Zero To One book which may explain where all the confusion with titles comes from:

“Like acting, sales works best when hidden. This explains why almost everyone whose job involves distribution-whether they’re in sales, marketing or advertising- has a job title that has nothing to do with those things. People who sell advertising are called “account executives”. People who sell customers work in “business development”. People who sell companies are “investment bankers”. And people who sell themselves are called “politicians”. There is a reason for these redescriptions: none of us wants to be reminded when we’re being sold

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Januari 31, 2023 pada 4:39 am

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