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Mental Health – Emotional issues are relationships issues

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Interesting. The reason I avoid email is because it is too emotional. Most of these can be solved by attachment theory. Aim to be relaxed all the time, as we cannot specify when to be relaxed or when to be stressed. Just like the immune system it is unpredictable

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Februari 17, 2023 at 1:03 pm

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Calendar: Start at 3:00 AM

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Calendar: Start at 3:00 AM. Interesting. A calendar is a system of organizing days. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years.

  1. They focus on minutes, not hours: Interesting, I only can do it in 30 minutes or smallest at 15 minutes
  2. They focus only on one thing: Interesting, most important task (MIT) in the morning for 1-2 hours
  3. They don’t use to-do lists: Agree
  4. They beat procrastination with time travel: Agree, don’t put standard too high
  5. They make it home for dinner: Agree, don’t work too much
  6. They use a notebook: Agree, but practicallity
  7. They process email only a few times a day.
  8. They avoid meetings at all costs.
  9. They say “no” to almost everything.
  10. They follow the 80/20 rule.
  11. They delegate almost everything.
  12. They “theme” days of the week.
  13. They only touch things one time.
    Try to “touch it once.” If it takes less than five or ten minutes–whatever it is–they deal with it immediately. Doing so reduces stress
  14. They follow a consistent morning routine.
  15. Energy is everything.

inc: Get More Done: 15 Things the Most Successful People Do Differently to Be More Productive

The way I found that works for me is I theme my days. On Monday, at both companies, I focus on management and running the company…Tuesday is focused on product. Wednesday is focused on marketing and communications and growth. Thursday is focused on developers and partnerships. Friday is focused on the company and the culture and recruiting. Saturday I take off, I hike. Sunday is reflection, feedback, strategy, and getting ready for the week.
The Jack Dorsey Productivity Secret That Enables Him To Run Two Companies At Once

Monday: Management
Tuesday: Product
Wednesday: Growth (Marcom)
Thursday: Developers and Partnerships
Friday: Company, Culture, Recruits

On Communication: Marketing, Communication, Product Growth
On Collaboration: Developers & Partnerships
On Cultures: Recruit & Personnels

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Februari 17, 2023 at 6:20 am

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Working Cycle: Control approach

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Ada yang salah dengan cara saya bekerja.

1.Bekerja 24×7
Pertama, saya baru menyadari bahwa saya bekerja sangat panjang, hampir 24×7. Saya baru menyadari bahwa weekend pun jadwal pekerjaan saya sangat padat. Hari kerja sepertinya rata-rata saya bisa bekerja hingga 16 jam sehari. Ini baru saya sadari ketika melihat jam kerja saya secara lebih detail sejak pukul 04:00 pagi hingga pukul 22:00 malam.

2.Bekerja sangat keras (paralel, fast response)
Saya baru menyadari bahwa saya seringkali mengangkat telepon sambil mengerjakan sesuatu. Menyelesaikan laporan sambil tiba-tiba teringat untuk mengirim email.

Ini semua adalah cara bekerja yang salah.

Saya mencoba memperbaiki dengan beberapa cara, salah satunya adalah dengan melakukan

Classify: klasifikasi

Control: to some degree repeatable control aka cycle: siklus
Start to Stop; RFI/Sales/Deals to Delivery; Green to Grey;

*thanks Foucault

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Februari 15, 2023 at 7:20 pm

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