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Fakta vs Opini Impor Beras Indonesia: Karena masalah tidak melulu politik

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Fakta: Indonesia mengimpor beras dengan jumlah yang bervariasi
Opini 1: Variasi disebabkan oleh politik, presiden harus mengimpor beras, presiden harus mendorong biofuel. (diuji dengan case study desa di Indonesia, Sulfikar Amir 2008)
Opini 2: Variasi disebabkan oleh cuaca (el nino) yang mempengaruhi panen (diuji dengan El NiƱo/Southern Oscillation climate data (Naylor et al, 2001)

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Februari 16, 2017 at 12:04 pm

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TIL that Corn is Most Produced Food Staple in the World

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I think most produced food is Rice, knowing China and India are eating rice, but it is wrong. Number one food staple is corn. If its included sugar, sugar is no one, produced more than even a corn. Corn is eaten by 1.2 million people in Sub Saharan Africa and South America, while rice is only being eaten by 1 million people.

  1. Indonesia (along with Egypt, Algeria) is one of biggest Wheat importing country

  2. Wheat is cheaper than Corn (at least for animal feed)

  3. There is methane producer bacteria in paddy field (rice cultivation) called Methanotroph

  4. Cultural perspective of food crop is more complicated
    China for example, divided by north noodle eating person vs south rice eating person

  5. Paddy fields account for around 20% of human-related emissions of methane according to Nature, to FAO is 18 GHG
    According to another sources, livestock is 27% and rice is only 9%.

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Juni 14, 2016 at 5:13 pm

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