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Artificial Intelligence: Past vs Present

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Past vs Present

The first chapter that I learned in AI is Expert System. I missed the

Knowledge-driven approach vs Data-driven approach
Expert System vs Neural Network
Expert System vs Intelligent Agent

Expert System: Rules and data, Neural Network: Remembering/Learning

Expert System = Inference Engine + Knowlege Base = Information knowledge based systems (IKBS)

expert system tends to imply a particular kind of reasoning (IKBS etc)

intelligent agent
– could mean almost anything that reacts to its environment
– act autonomously on behalf of a user, after acquiring data from their environment.

Expert system implies a significant amount of knowledge engineered into the program. Agent implies a piece of software that (relatively) autonomously interacts with some (fairly complex) environment.

expert system uses sets of rules and data to produce a decision or recommendation. Neural networks, on the other hand, attempt to simulate the human brain by collecting and processing data for the purpose of “remembering” or “learning”

Deep Learning: Machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representation learning.

ANN dengan jumlah layer yang banyak disebut deep learning

A perceptron was a form of neural network introduced in 1958 by Frank Rosenblatt,

CNN Convolutional Neural Network: Arsitektur Deep Learning yang mampu mereduksi dimensi pada data tanpa menghilangkan ciri atau fitur

k-nearest neighbors algorithm

Timeline of AI, Timeline of Machine Learning, Progress in AI, History of NLP

Expert System vs Neural Network

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