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Sustainability Certification

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World Bank City Climate Planner
Led by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), World Resources Institute, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability,
City Climate Planner program
Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist

Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist Exam

Knowledge Domains
1.Project Planning (5 Questions)
A.Establish project goals and objectives
B.Develop a project plan
C.Establish quality control procedures

2.Defining the Scope of an Emissions Inventory (8 Questions)
A.Identify program authorities (e.g., covenant of mayors, national government, local policies) who might assist, require, and otherwise have a stake in the inventory
B.Define program objectives
C.Determine reporting framework or platform
D.Set inventory boundaries
E.Decide on methodologies

3.Managing Data (35 Questions)
A.Identify data needs
B.Identify data sources
C.Obtain stakeholder commitment
D.Collect activity data
E.Determine emissions factors
F.Determine other parameters (e.g., fuel economy, population)
G.Analyze data

4.Calculating Emissions (16 Questions)
A.Execute calculations
B.Calculate uncertainties

5.Synthesizing Emission Inventory Results (8 Questions)
A.Organize calculated results
B.Interpret results

6.Reporting Activities (8 Questions)
A.Generate reports
B.Manage internal results dissemination

Sample Questions:

1.When only regional or national data are available, what technique can be used to estimate emissions for a city?
A. Scaling
B. Verification
C. Interpolation
D. Extrapolation
This question represents Domain 3: Managing Data.

2.Which of the following creates the largest contribution to global warming?
A. 1 tonne of SF6
B. 78 tonnes of N2O
C. 2,200 tonnes of CH4
D. 4,000 tonnes of CO2
This question represents Domain 4: Calculating Emissions.

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