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Research Question and Method

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Closed Question:

Asking how is customer satisfaction on new iPhone
– By perform interview with 30 person is Qualitative research
– By perform questionnaire with 20 person is Quantitative research
The method on how data being analyzed is is that differentiate qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative using statistical, Qualitative is

Open Question 1:
What would you like for future iPhone

Open Question 2:
How to create Iphone user interface using retina movement?

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Oktober 25, 2014 at 8:19 am

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What is it all about

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Simply, it’s about management.

Business, is how you manage opportunity
Marketing, is how you manage customer
Operation, is how you manage company
People, is how you manage listening
Leadership, is how you manage yourself

Project, is how you manage in a temporary situation
Strategy, is how you manage to reach target
Finance, is how you manage money
Accounting, is how you manage what you have
Audit, is how manage things going well

Love, is how you manage your feeling
Happiness, is how you manage your expectation
Life, is how you manage time

Manage is all about balancing. In business, you can not expect to profit all the time, but also there is possibility, there is a risk to get loss. Love is manage your feeling, you can not be optimist all the time, sometimes you will feel pessimist.

However, balancing is not only sufficient. Because manage is limited to certain condition. Because energy, at the end will be consumed, people getting old, resources exploited. Life at the end is about how we manage time.

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Oktober 23, 2014 at 2:01 pm

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LEGO, largest toy company in the world

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In 2012, I bought a LEGO Friends set for my daughter 4th birthday in Pondok Indah Mall. It was carefully decided knowing that LEGO is damn expensive, the product will last longer, it can be inherited to her brother and many consideration. But the biggest consideration is a price. I also taking a consideration that hopefully she will not interested with LEGO. Why should? on the other side as an alternative we have extremely made in China toys that not only cheap by 10% but can be 90% cheaper.

Instead LEGO, I prefer her to have a cheap version of barbie, that thanks to Youtube her affection of human like toys is changed to more characterized toys. A thing that some of China made product can not compete. So We began to buy a number of Mariposa ™ and also follows the Secret Door, Pearl Princess, Mermaid tale and various Barbie based movie. For kids the character is very important. As the strong character is a basis for imagination. Remind me the day, that she likes very aspect of Frozen Movie from making a handcraft of Olaf, to drawing a Elsa’s Castle.

And today, (actually since Sept 2014 the news is) I heard that LEGO is become largest toy company in the world. Surprise, actually I could not imagine how can LEGO become largest. Even after very popular LEGO the movie this year. I still wondering how could a consistent character development could grow a very big multinational business. It’s like a new different strategy that played, for a very long period of time.

Lesson learned:
1. Its understanding the behaviour, human behaviour, organization behaviour, customer behaviour, global trend behaviour
2. Its how its works, when things connected, consistency developed and momentum exploited

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Oktober 20, 2014 at 5:22 am

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Why something work and some doesn’t

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Why my English is bad?

People might ask many question in life that can’t be answered, such as why some work and some not. English for example, why my English is bad (*yeah I am still use bad English even tough). Why my English is bad, even I have gone through a number of English course as far as I remember since in the university. I mean I took an extra English class more than any average student did.

The answer (maybe) is because why are asking wrong question -of our problem, that might have wrong answer, and those never ending objective cannot be achieved. For example why English is bad is not a correct question. The correct question might be, why I could not communicate in English well. And to answer this, you should have a something that need to be communicated such as telling story or telling an opinion. And the another thing is you should have a thing to be asked – a question. So in the form of communication, you need to be able to ask and answer a question, or to write and comment at the same thing.

Why I am not rich?

Another classic question, as an expert ‘in asking question like that’ the correct question would be. Why are you able to take a calculated risk? or why you could think multi-dimension every time, and decided to take the path which might seems very difficult for other people.

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Oktober 19, 2014 at 4:06 pm

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Complexity, how project management solved the problem

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As a applied science practitioner, I believe that the PM knowledge is the closest thing in the field of study that can be apply in the real life situation. The PM should be able to handle complexity, as there are millions of constraint in this life that we need to managed properly. So the skill to be able to handle this situation is a must.

The second most important is about human, personality, organization. Where motivation and background become foundation in every behavior that the business, the company operate. Life is about how we made a decision, and good decision should calculate all the risk, all the consequences and all the things.

Managing human is always most difficult part. As we’re handle something that not stable, that is not consistent. That you need to be listen carefully, that you need -sometimes to guess.

To get experience you need an experience


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Oktober 14, 2014 at 5:55 pm

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Indonesia – a project perspective

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Indonesia, from a project perspective (or from project management (PM) perspective) is an organization, a system that consist a people, an objective, a period of time, a coordinated effort. And, as an organization which consist of so many interest (read: people) there are a lot of possibility that the people itself become the burden for the organization.

To run effective Indonesia, it require a lot of effort, multi discipline. Just like a PM, it’s more an art than a exact science methodology. Some of approach might works while others might wrong.

Indonesia for me is mega project that have a five year cycle duration. It’s like a giant event organizer (EO), that bid every five year to run a country. Once you win the sales cycle and the next hard work is during the delivery cycle. And it’s a good business, its profitable.

And just like every EO (read:our government), it’s very difficult, to become an effective EO. First the EO need tobe very experienced and also need tobe knowledgeable on every part of EO, especially its own area.

As a project, the problem with Indonesia is the same problem as a every project face. It has problem with prioritization, which one must served first. It has a problem with scheduling, once we agree which part must be served first the next problem is one scheduling. We also have problem with approach/methodology, and people is tend to critize the approach -its a very easy things todo.

So, with the project perspective, what we should do to improve the performance of Indonesia. The same as what every project stakeholder need -a competent project manager. A competent leader that can be cultivated with experience and equipped with knowledge. Which capable to have multiple displicinary in himself.

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Oktober 11, 2014 at 6:24 pm

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Renewable energy management

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Energy it’s an interesting subject, because we need energy for almost everything in our life, because the race of energy makes human willing to do everything from deep water research to war. Energy it’s a matter of business aspect to a country policy. Energy it’s a trillion dollar industry, which always consider the largest revenue, the biggest size and  the largest of everything. Energy it’s a where the money comes and goes. How to understand the concept of energy is can be complicated.

Project management on the other side is also a complicated science, it’s involve a hard skill such as planning, work break down structure, estimation to soft skill such as how we deal with human and stressful situation. To understand the concept, although some people always mention that ‘experience’ is the most important thing, the concept itself is complicated.

Question: how to simplify this two complicated science. How about energy management? specifically about ‘renewable energy project management’. I found that the management of energy is an interesting concept, since there are a lot part that should be explored, but not yet explored. And there are a lot of part that should be an answer of the energy question, but not yet explored.

An implementation of renewable energy for example, would be face a pro and cons. One of the problem is to many intervention -from government for example. And if government involve then there something about this concept that maybe not working. When there is a need, there’s should be a supply. Mobile phone for example, it’s work without or very minimum any government involvement. The government will be involve if some indication of cartel or thing that will makes citizen angry. Otherwise any initiative that not market driven is not successful.


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Oktober 8, 2014 at 7:07 am

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