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Energy and Environment, Everywhere

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We have heard so many campaign on clean energy, energy efficiency, wind energy etc. Most of us agree with this, although a few that involved in this initiative. Like most of us, we did n’t take clear attention on how is our energy consumption. I have two Air Conditioned (AC) system in my house, well but the bill it’s consider ‘cheap’, compare with the how much money we spend on food, watch movie or serve our hobby. On energy generation, also another things. Again, like most of us, we believe that our electricity is produce from the Hydropower, which do you know that is accountable for less than <10%, the rest we use Oil & Coal.

Question, do we aware? and do we care? why do we need to participate? Well, since we’re trying to build the habit. My answer is, because it’s impacted us, directly.

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Oktober 31, 2014 at 8:00 am

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We are just a human

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We create a tools to deal with nature
We create a stone axe, bow and spear to hunting
We discover a fire, a wheel, an iron
We develop a steam engine, a plane, an internet
We create technology, an interaction with the things based on science
We create art, an interaction with the things based on feeling

We, a human, need a human
We create law, an interaction with other human based on agreement
We create business, an interaction with other human based on value
We create management, an interaction based on collective objective
We create marketing, an interaction based on behaviour
We create everything

But at the end we are only a human
Human should treat another human, as the way the human want
Forget about the law, business, ethics, management, technology
We are just a human

We are just a human
Yeah we have limitation, and we can develop a tools
But, tools is just not a living things
1% technology, 99% human
We are just human

We need to interact with other human
And we need a justification for it
And human is greedy

Technology, Management

Written by priandoyo

Oktober 30, 2014 at 10:11 pm

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Opportunity Management

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The liquefaction plant is the largest cost component, accounting for approximately 50% of the total cost of the LNG chain
Economics of the LNG Chain


I understand now, on why we should give more appreciation in art and philosophy and science. As the main principles of expression, understanding and how to make things work. Combining this three aspect is a key for everything. Its needs a balance, its need a process, its need patience.

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Oktober 27, 2014 at 10:04 am

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What’s wrong with our knowledge

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When I was browsing internet, I always wonder why we (or some people, organization) have a very amount of data and knowledge. We seems know anything about everything. We know the energy consumption, we know how energy mix should be working, we know how private and foreign investment working. We know everything.

The question, if we know everything, or we know the problem very well. So why, it’s not works. Why it doesn’t work. If we know that the main problem of Jakarta traffic jam is inbalance between Road, Public Transportation, Car. Why we can not do anything to solve this? Maybe it’s because, we don’t know how to make it works.

Or maybe, because we are not part of ‘things’ that make it work. We are not the policy maker, or once when we are part of policy maker, we start to realize that we are not part of executor that know how to do it. It’s a coordinated effort todo this. Failure to make a coordinated effort, is a failure to make something big.

So how to start something big, by starting small. By understanding what works, and what is not going to works. Start experimenting.

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Oktober 27, 2014 at 8:58 am

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Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) in Indonesia Electricity

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In around 2007, I have a chance to visit PT Cikarang Listrindo (750MW natural gas-fired power plant and soon will be completed coal generated power plant of 280MW), at that time what comes in my mind just ‘ah, another electricity plant’. And like most average Indonesian, when thinking about electricity, we always thought that it was PLN -Indonesia state own company- area and responsibility.

In around 2013, I also have a chance to visit PT Donggi Senoro LNG, in Banggai Central Sulawesi. DSLNG a LNG manufacturer is provide LNG for Chubu Electric Power and Kyushu Electric Power. And now, I realize that PT Cirebon Electric Power (CEP) is a 660MW coal-fired power, just located near my hometown, a city where I born and spent my childhood. Well, I never thought electricity for the same again. There is no business like energy business.

CEP for example, “it’s agreed to have a 4.43 cents per kWh for cost electricity. Consumption is around 7240 tonnes of coal per day, or around 2.8 million tonnes, with yearly production around 5.5 tWh”, in short, well it’s a lot of money and trigger for Indonesian’s economy.

Back on the day, when I still working for Kangean Energy, PGN and Pertamina and at that time I didn’t know anything about this business. Now, I started to be very optimist. A better future for Indonesia is on the making.

Public Private Partnership
Independent Power Producer
Foreign Direct Investment

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Oktober 27, 2014 at 8:43 am

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Things I’ve learn in past 10 years

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What is the most important lessons that I’ve learn in the past 10 years of working, marriage, raise a children, change career, buy a home and hundred amazing experience.

1. All is System, it works with mechanism that we are difficult to explain

2. Sustainability is an issues, no single business that can claim that it has no risk. Just like somebody over there mention that the only thing that constant is changes. We need to lead.

3. We need to manage, although its not a perfect world, some times we have people with good sales skill but very bad managerial skill, or on the other way. There is no perfect situation. A good client, an easy project, a high paying fee. No, there is no magic and no shortcut. My boss always told me that it’s not a rocket science, but I thinks its also not an easy science.

I will do my best, and hope I can pass this.

Written by priandoyo

Oktober 25, 2014 at 10:48 pm

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Research Question and Method

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Closed Question:

Asking how is customer satisfaction on new iPhone
– By perform interview with 30 person is Qualitative research
– By perform questionnaire with 20 person is Quantitative research
The method on how data being analyzed is is that differentiate qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative using statistical, Qualitative is

Open Question 1:
What would you like for future iPhone

Open Question 2:
How to create Iphone user interface using retina movement?

Written by priandoyo

Oktober 25, 2014 at 8:19 am

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